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Long Overdue Post

Hello readers!

I know I have been absent from this blog for a while. Despite the fact that I haven’t posted in over 8 months, this blog is still averaging 25 viewers a day. The other day my blog got 108 views. That’s insane to me, and I thank all of you so much for supporting this blog.

For those of you who don’t know me or this blog, I am a student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I started this blog the beginning of my sophomore year as part of a project for one of my online classes. I am now in my senior year, my last semester actually, at the Cronkite School. I wanted to keep up this blog because I love learning about health and medicine, and also because I wanted to inform people on how their bodies work so they could understand how easy it is to be healthy. Since starting this blog, I have interned at The Arizona Republic during two separate semesters (during which my stories have become nationally circulated, including having a front page story on USA Today), I have studied in New York City and interned for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, produced a live, afternoon TV newscast for Cronkite NewsWatch (the Cronkite school’s flagship program), and have also done freelance video work for several nationally known journalists.

As you can tell, my life has become a whirlwind of journalism. I am so grateful and blessed to be offered so many opportunities. This semester, I will start applying for post-graduate jobs, and my dream is to move back to NYC and advance my career there.
My life is changing and is only getting busier by the minute. I love this blog, and I love researching topics about and health and medicine and then delivering them to people in a way they can understand. But I cannot commit to maintaining it anymore. So this is the last time I’ll be posting on An Apple A Day, at least for the foreseeable future. Maybe one day, when I’m at my new job in NYC, I’ll log back on and find some time to write a post. But until then, I’m signing off.


Stay healthy 🙂


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