Food for thought about how to live healthy!

Do you ever wonder how everyone in your family has green eyes, but you have your great-grandpa’s brown eyes? Or how each member of your family can have a different blood type? (like my family, my sister is type O and I’m type AB) It’s all because of genetics and human’s are constantly creating new genetic sequences that allow us all to be diverse. This genetic diversity is due, in part, to the process of Meiosis, the cellular replication of human gametes (aka sex cells).

*I forgot to add this part at the end. The reason I picked Chromosome 21 was because one of the biggest genetic mutations occurs in Chromosome 21 as a trisomy. As I said in the video, humans are supposed to have two chromatids for every chromosomal set, so each cells contains 23 pairs, or 46 total, chromatids. A trisomy occurs when you have an extra chromatid for a chromosomal set, so you have three chromatids instead of a normal pair. Trisomy 21 results in Down’s Syndrome. No one really knows why Down’s Syndrome

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