Food for thought about how to live healthy!

If you, like me, were out in the sun almost every day chances are you got your fair share of sunburns as I did. And we all know how great sunburns are: the sensitivity to touch, the redness, and the peeling afterwards. But when you get a sunburn, make sure you thank your skin cells for the sacrifice they made to keep you healthy.

A sunburn is caused by too much UV radiation from the Sun that literally burns the skin cells. But usually the burn itself doesn’t kill the skin cells.

UV radiation can cause damage to occur to a cell’s DNA. This can disrupt the cell’s ability to reproduce and function, and can cause the cell to become cancerous.

Cell have structures inside them called lysosomes. They act as a sort of stomach for the cell and contain hazardous chemicals. When the cell becomes damaged by UV radiation, it literally commits suicide by bursting open its lysosomes and leaking all those toxic chemicals which then kill the cell.

So your skin cells kill themselves to prevent them from becoming cancerous. How noble of them! But keep applying that sunscreen!

Every time you get a bad sunburn that causes blisters and such, it doubles your chances of getting melanoma in the future. The older your body ages, the less reliable it is at defending itself.

Summer’s still not over which means it’s still very easy to get a sunburn if you spend most of your day outside.

I don’t think I’ll be getting sunburned any more this summer, considering most of my days will be spent sitting in a classroom wondering what my next blog post is going to be about.

That’s the apple of the day 🙂

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